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What's New?

Pic Make Model Description Price
Picture of Pioneer CDJ-500 Pioneer CDJ-500 £90.00
Picture of Rotel RA-820AX Rotel RA-820AX £90.00
Picture of Sony TA-1055 Sony TA-1055 £90.00
Picture of Sony MDSJE440 Sony MDSJE440 Long Play with remote control £80.00
Picture of Sony TA-AX2 Sony TA-AX2 £75.00
Picture of Yamaha A-520 Yamaha A-520 £120.00
Picture of Akai S 950 Akai S 950 Full Memory £345.00
Picture of Alto ZMX52 Alto ZMX52 5-channel mixer £35.00
Picture of Encore Stratocaster Encore Stratocaster £90.00
Picture of Intermusic Quarter size Violin Intermusic Quarter size Violin £55.00
Picture of Martin Smith Acoustic Martin Smith Acoustic Leftie! £55.00
Picture of Moog Moogerfooger MF-1 Moog Moogerfooger MF-1 Ring Modulator £195.00
Picture of Nintendo N64 & SNES Games Nintendo N64 & SNES Games We have just purchased a large collection of the above games. £0.00
Picture of TC Electronic Finalizer Express TC Electronic Finalizer Express Mastering Unit £295.00
Picture of Windsor Half Size Violin Windsor Half Size Violin £45.00
Picture of Yamaha DD-55c Yamaha DD-55c With pedals, sticks and manual £70.00
Picture of Yamaha QY20 Yamaha QY20 All in one sequencer, drum machine, synth £60.00
Picture of Akai GX-65 Akai GX-65 3 Head £95.00
Picture of Hohner MC-06 Hohner MC-06 £80.00
Picture of Yamaha PSR-170 Yamaha PSR-170 £60.00
Picture of Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah £55.00
Picture of Lexicon MX200 Lexicon MX200 Multi FX £110.00
Picture of Novation X-Station 25 Novation X-Station 25 Synth/USB interface £120.00
Picture of Panasonic RX-ED90 Panasonic RX-ED90 Twin Tape, CD, Radio with remote £70.00