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What's New?

Pic Make Model Description Price
Picture of Martin Audio CDD8 Martin Audio CDD8 200W. Very good condition Or with the CSX212 Sub £900 £475.00
Picture of Martin Audio CSX212 Martin Audio CSX212 Massive 800w Passive sub Or with a pair of CDD8 £900 £495.00
Picture of National Panasonic RF-30301 National Panasonic RF-30301 £60.00
Picture of Technics SLPG590 Technics SLPG590 With remote control £60.00
Picture of JVC J-RS401 JVC J-RS401 Monster '70s Receiver £145.00
Picture of Korg MS-20ic Korg MS-20ic Controller Only £95.00
Picture of Phonic T-8300 Phonic T-8300 Tube Enhancer £150.00
Picture of TC Electronic M300 TC Electronic M300 Dual engine multi FX processor £110.00
Picture of db Technologies Opera Live 405 active speakers db Technologies Opera Live 405 active speakers 400W RMS, 15" woofer. Price for a pair £395.00
Picture of Rode M 3 Rode M 3 £50.00
Sony PS3 £60.00