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What's New?

Pic Make Model Description Price
Picture of dBx 266A dBx 266A Compressor/Gate £60.00
Picture of Digitech Studio Quad V2 Digitech Studio Quad V2 4 in 4 out multi FX processor £95.00
Picture of Genelec 1029a Genelec 1029a Powered Studio Monitors £275.00
Picture of Squire PJ Bass Squire PJ Bass As new condition £155.00
Picture of Behringer EX 3200 Behringer EX 3200 £45.00
Picture of Fender Duosonic Fender Duosonic MIM 2015 £325.00
Picture of Peavey Vypyr Peavey Vypyr VIP-1 With Amp Modeling and FX, suitable for Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars £120.00
Picture of Technics SU-V6 Technics SU-V6 Early 80s beast. 70w into 8Ω £175.00
Picture of Applause AE-121 Applause AE-121 £95.00
Picture of Aria Aria-101 MTN Aria Aria-101 MTN Spruce top, matte natural finish. As new £110.00
Picture of Canon EF 24-105mm IS USM Canon EF 24-105mm IS USM £345.00
Picture of Fender  Hot Rod Deluxe III Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40w 3 channel tube combo £345.00
Picture of Vox  V846-HW Wah Vox V846-HW Wah Boxed as new, with vinyl pouch. £95.00
Picture of Vox V860 volume pedal Vox V860 volume pedal Boxed as new £60.00
Picture of Yamaha HS-7 Yamaha HS-7 Boxed as new £275.00