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What's New?

Pic Make Model Description Price
AKG C414 XLS Matched Stereo pair £1195.00
Picture of Alesis Elevate 5 Alesis Elevate 5 New £90.00
Picture of Ampeg SCR-DI Ampeg SCR-DI £95.00
Picture of Audio Technica  ATH-M500 Audio Technica ATH-M500 As New £80.00
Picture of Boss SYB-5 Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer £80.00
Picture of Boss HM-2 Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal £85.00
Picture of Boss PS-6 Boss PS-6 Harmonist £85.00
Picture of Digitech Whammy Digitech Whammy £95.00
Picture of Electro Harmonic Pog 2 Electro Harmonic Pog 2 £195.00
Picture of Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi £80.00
Picture of Eventide H9 Eventide H9 Harmonizer £295.00
Picture of Focusrite Scarlett solo Focusrite Scarlett solo As new £60.00
Picture of Line 6 Pod XT Line 6 Pod XT £50.00
Picture of Line 6 Pod HD500X Line 6 Pod HD500X Multi FX amp modelling and looper £195.00
Picture of Pigtronix Deluxe Echolution 2 Pigtronix Deluxe Echolution 2 £175.00
Picture of Roland JV2080 Roland JV2080 £225.00
Shure SM58 £60.00
Shure SM58 £60.00
Picture of Strymon Time Line Strymon Time Line £295.00
Picture of T-Bone SC-450 T-Bone SC-450 Shock mount and box £50.00
Picture of Washburn W1 14R Washburn W1 14R £95.00
Picture of Zvex Mastotron Zvex Mastotron £90.00
Picture of Akai MPK Mini Special Edition Akai MPK Mini Special Edition Boxed as new £55.00
Picture of Arcam T 61 Arcam T 61 £50.00
Picture of Dual 505 Dual 505 £95.00
Picture of Fernandes Gravity 5X Fernandes Gravity 5X 5 String Bass Guitar £325.00
Picture of JVC AK-11 JVC AK-11 £50.00
Picture of Marantz PM7200 Marantz PM7200 £150.00
Picture of Mordaunt Short Aviano 1 Mordaunt Short Aviano 1 £60.00
Picture of NAD 3120 NAD 3120 £90.00
Picture of Sennheiser e609 Sennheiser e609 £65.00
Picture of Sharp MD-SR505 Sharp MD-SR505 £50.00
Picture of Shure PG81 Shure PG81 Battery Powered Condenser £60.00
Picture of Behringer UCA22 Behringer UCA22 USB Audio Interface £18.00
Picture of Behringer UMX-490 Behringer UMX-490 USB Controller Keyboard £55.00
Picture of Behringer PP400 Behringer PP400 Phono Stage £15.00
Picture of Naim NAP-90 Naim NAP-90 £195.00
Picture of Sony PS3 Sony PS3 80Gb £50.00