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What's New?

Pic Make Model Description Price
Moog Minimoog Model D Classic Analogue Synth - 1972 £0.00
Picture of My Arcade Galaga My Arcade Galaga £22.00
Picture of Numskull Pac-Man Numskull Pac-Man Collectors Edition 1/4 replica cabinet £95.00
Picture of Squier Stratocaster Squier Stratocaster £90.00
Picture of Boss RE-20 Boss RE-20 Space Echo £145.00
Picture of Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 1 Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 1 £75.00
Picture of Denon RCD-M39DAB Denon RCD-M39DAB With Remote £95.00
Picture of Marantz CP-430 Marantz CP-430 Field Recorder with manual ,case and power supply. fantastic condition £295.00
Picture of Parasound HCA-750A Parasound HCA-750A Dual Mono £125.00
Picture of Technics SL-DD33 Technics SL-DD33 Direct drive £90.00
Picture of Teresonic Gala Teresonic Gala Stunning Valve amplifier £795.00
Picture of Yamaha TG 33 Yamaha TG 33 Vector Synthesis £160.00
Picture of Apple iPod Apple iPod Classic 160 Gb £130.00
Picture of ART MultiVerb LTX ART MultiVerb LTX £60.00
Picture of Boss DS-1 Boss DS-1 Distortion £40.00
Picture of Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 Stereo receiver with a remote £95.00
Picture of Fender Modern Player Telecaster Fender Modern Player Telecaster £375.00
Picture of Ibanez Artcore AF-75 Ibanez Artcore AF-75 £275.00
Picture of Novation Ultranova Novation Ultranova Analogue modeling synth with vocoder £225.00
Picture of Novation Super Bass Station Novation Super Bass Station £195.00
Picture of Roland JP-08 Roland JP-08 Boxed £275.00
Picture of Roland XP-30 Roland XP-30 £475.00
Picture of Universal Audio Apollo Twin Universal Audio Apollo Twin Boxed £475.00
Picture of Yamaha Reface CS Yamaha Reface CS Boxed PSU £195.00