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Who are X Electrical?

X Electrical is a specialised retailer dealing with audio & visual electronic goods; some new but predominantly pre-owned.

What type of gear do you deal with?

We buy and sell:

How do I know your goods are reliable?

All pre-owned items bought from X Electrical are thoroughly tested before being put on sale, so you can be sure they are in good working order when you buy them. All our members of staff have some background knowledge in one or more of the areas we cover, be they musicians, photographers, hi-fi buffs, games fanatics, etc, so they know what to look for when testing items. We do not knowingly buy faulty goods or goods that need servicing.

Put simply, if we're not 100% happy with an item ourselves, we won't buy it in. For your own peace of mind, all our pre-owned goods usually come with a one month warranty.