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Pic Make Model Description Price
B&O BeoCenter 5000 Early 80s beauty. In excellent condition, though tape sadly not working. Amp, radio and record player all perfect £95.00
Cambridge Audio One Amp w DAB, CD, USB, SD Card £120.00
Denon CEOL RCD-N8 Network CD Music Receiver with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity £160.00
Denon RCD-N7 Wi-Fi Network Streaming AM/FM/CD Player With Integrated iPod Dock £120.00
Scan-Dyna 4000 Stylish Receiver with phono stage made in Denmark £120.00
Sony LAM-Z10 Cd plus Net MD recorder with remote £85.00
Sony Stack TA-FE230 Amplifier, TC-WE475 Twin Tape, CEP-XE370 CD Player, ST-SE370 Tuner w Remotes £150.00
Technics HD-505MD With Gale gold monitors £145.00