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Pedals and FX

Pic Make Model Description Price
Artec Parametric Equalizer £35.00
Boss BE-5 MIJ £95.00
Boss DS-2 £45.00
Digitech Bass Squeeze £40.00
Dod FX55-B Supra Distortion £40.00
Electro Harmonix Slammi Boxed £85.00
Fender Foot Switch £22.00
FZone PT-01 Chrmotic Pedal Tuner £25.00
Guyatone Flip Metal Monster Valve! £70.00
Hughes and Kettner Warp Factor Nu-Metal Distortion Pedal £50.00
IK Multimedia iRig £10.00
img Stageline MC-31 DI Box £15.00
Jim Dunlop GCB-935 Crybaby £55.00
Korg DT-7 Chromatic tuner, boxed as new £25.00
Line 6 Pocket Pod Battery Powered Multi-Effects Unit £35.00
M-Audio Black Box Reloaded £50.00
M-Audio Black Box Reloaded Guitar fx/drum machine/USB audio interface £50.00
MindPrint Trio Guitar and Microphone Mixer and Interface. Good Preamp £125.00
Mooer reecho £40.00
Mooer Ana Echo £35.00
Mooer Sky Verb £40.00
Mooer Mod factory £45.00
Mooer Green Mile £40.00
Mooer Pure Octave £45.00
MXR Micro Flanger Boxed £60.00
MXR Carbon Copy £90.00
Rotosound The Aftermath Delay Brand new in stock! High headroom Smooth wide range control of rate, feedback and depth Authentic components and hand wired assembly methods £99.00
Tunermatic Guitar Tuner Automatic Guitar Tuner. Turns the Pegs for you! £30.00