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Pic Make Model Description Price
Alesis Wedge Desktop master reverb w/ impulse autition. Effects unit 110V £120.00
Alto CLE 2.0 2 channel compressor, limiter and gate £45.00
Behringer VX2000 Ultra Voice Pro channel Strip £75.00
Behringer MDX 402 Compressor £40.00
Calrec PQ2796 An early 80's stereo EQ. Taken from a M series broadcast console once used at the BBC world service. As you would expect from Calrec they sound musical and precise. £725.00
DBX 266XL £50.00
Ecler DAC -161 Splitter mixer £60.00
Focusrite Green Series Dual Mic Pre Amp £245.00
Focusrite ISA One ff Microphone pre amp £345.00
HIH MA-100 6 Channel amp with spring reverb. Fully working £120.00
IMG Stageline MCL-200 Dual compressor limiter £45.00
IMG Stageline MMX-602 6 Channel microphone /Line mixer £60.00
Midiman Flying Cow 24 Bit Flying Cow AD/DA Converter £40.00
Roland SRV-3030 24 bit Digital Reverb £125.00
Roland VE-20 Vocal looper £175.00
Samson Q-5 Headphone amp £25.00
TC Helicon Voice Prism Plus £245.00
Wittner Metronome £30.00
Yamaha PB4 £25.00
Yamaha Q2031B For live sound, recording, A/V production, electronic musical instruments, broadcasting, music listening £150.00
Yamaha DA-202 DAC £75.00