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Pic Make Model Description Price
AKG C214 Condenser £245.00
AKG D202 The Rocket Vintage dynamic cardioid microphone £120.00
AKG P220 Condenser mic, with cradle and case £100.00
Audio Technica AE61000 Hypercardioid dynamic mic. With case, manual and clip £95.00
Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone £230.00
EV ND 275B Dynamic £65.00
Frankenmic Radio Mic Set Shure SM58 wireless mic, Audio Technica ATM-75 Headset Mic and Trantec S2000 Receiver £120.00
MXL V67G "Old school tube mellow" Large Capsule Condenser Microphone. Boxed as new £80.00
Nady Drum Microphone kit £145.00
Piezo BM-3 Vintage Crystal Microphone-Boxed as new. £50.00
Realistic Ultra Slim Condenser Boxed £25.00
Realistic PZM Boundry Microphone £30.00
Rode NT1A £90.00
Rode NT1 Complete Recording Kit £165.00
SD Systems FX-1 Flute microphone £85.00
SE Electronics SE2200 A Large diaphram condenser £120.00
Sennheiser E606 Dynamic £85.00
Sennheiser E606 Dynamic £85.00
Shure 10A £30.00
Shure Beta 87 Condenser £165.00
Superlux Dynamic Microphone £15.00