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Electric Guitars

Pic Make Model Description Price
Applause Stratocaster £145.00
Baldwin by Gibson Signature Series Les Paul Supposedly signed by The Rolling Stones £100.00
Epiphone Special Model Les Paul Junior £85.00
ESP Paul Smith Flying V Travel Guitar With built-in speaker and gig bag £295.00
Fender Duosonic MIM 1995 £325.00
Fender/Squier Stratocaster Mexican Fender body, Squire neck, Kent Armstrong P90 bridge pickup and Mexican Fender single coils, Big block bridge, tone boost circuit. Noooice! £0.00
Gator Les Paul style flight case £50.00
Gear4Music Seattle £80.00
Gibson LPJ 120th Anniversary Les Paul Jr 2015 £525.00
Harley Benton Stratocaster Left Handed £75.00
Hurricane Stratocaster By Morris 1980's Made in Japan With Jackson Alnico Middle pick up £120.00
Ibanez S-470 Ice Blue £325.00
Ibanez SAS32EX £245.00
Ibanez Les Paul Japan early 70's £345.00
Jaxville Pink Stratocaster £75.00
Jim Deacon Stratocaster £85.00
Quest QS 11-D Comes with a tremolo bar £75.00
Squier Bullet 1980's Made in korea £185.00
Squier Stratocaster £110.00
Stagg Stratocaster £75.00
Starmaker Stratocaster £95.00
Westfield Pro Series With Select Pickups designed by EMG £95.00
Westone Spectrum ST Made in Japan £145.00
Westone Clipper 4112 £185.00