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Bass Guitars

Pic Make Model Description Price
Aria Pro II SR-900 1980s Japanese made, through neck ,active circuitry with hard case £525.00
Ashton SPA-B4 A choice of colours in stock £125.00
Ashton SPA-B4 A choice of colours in stock £125.00
Burns Bison £555.00
Crafter BA-400EQL Left Handed Electro Acoustic Bass £145.00
Fernandes Gravity 5X 5 String Bass Guitar £325.00
Gibson RD Standard Made in the USA 1978 in excellent condition with hardcase £1395.00
Hohner Arbor Series Fretless Bass £145.00
Rockwood JB-98 Fiesta Red Jazz Bass £110.00
Squier P Bass Special Left Handed £165.00
Wilson SAB Bass 1960s Semi acoustic bass £345.00
Woodstock WHW-BASSEQ-203 Electro Acoustic Bass £199.99